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The introduction to the book Dangerous Connection: Body, Philosophy and Relationshhip to the Artificial, highlights the contemporary belief in the entropy and obsoleteness of the body. Guiding us through the entropic continuity of the physical, the author enables us to respond to the problem of contemporary post-human body, and at the same time, become aware the old problems which arise in full visibility today. With the body's constitution deeply marked by the artificial, the author attempts to highlight artificiality as one of the fundamental ways of our connection to and mediation of the world, as well as one of the basic aids of the modern philosophical disconnection.

The thesis contains three central chapters. The first one, The Disconnection, deals with the philosophy of Rene Descartes, which established the bases of the modern relation between the physical and the artificial. Establishing the disconnection and then attempting to differentiate, however, a philosopher is faced with the omnipresent, complex character of the connection. Its complexity and articulation are dealt with in the second chapter, The Connection. Interpreting early modern anatomical specimens and Baroque curiosities collections, the author focuses upon the representation of the dystopic field of the in-between, with the dangerous connection of undistinguishable, hybrid and monstrous creatures threatening to ultimately disconnect us from the rationality itself. The third chapter, Dangerous Connection, is a leap into contemporarity, shedding light upon our perspective of the relationship between the organic and the technological. It deals with the contemporary change in physical representation, with the body disclosed as the field of the in-between.

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Dr. Bojana Kunst is a philosopher and contemporaty art theoretician. She was studying in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and currently works at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts.  




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