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BCC (Balcan Can Contemporary),

BCC (Balcan Can Contemporary)
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 NEW ISSUE OF BCC:  ART SPACE in the search of plurality
“BCC is an international arts information environment, which has the goal to support, connect, present, empower and raise visibility of artists and arts organizations involved in contemporary and innovative performing arts from the Balkans. Giving space to young and emerging as well as established artists who are interested in researching and questioning different models of producing, creating and presenting their work is at the core of our attention.
Each issue of the magazine is the result of cooperation between several arts organizations, practitioners and theorists from across the Balkans. Cooperation and information sharing are the keys to sustainability of the independent arts scene in this region and beyond and we are filling the communication gaps between different stakeholders (be it between performers and their audiences or even between arts organizations in different countries)."
Zvonimir Dobrović


Performance Art - BCC no. 7

Performance art is making a comeback – it is what everyone says. It is an artform that usually functions best on its own myth, and the words “you had to be there” are often the best what we can come up with when we want to talk about something we have seen that falls under the performance art category.

The BCC issue dedicated to performance art will try to say a bit more than that in the text by Suzana Marjanić who will remind us of some of the more memorable performance art that took place in the Balkans in the past.

From there, we will discuss what is the position of a context in art and how it can change (art?). Where does political fit in all this and it is a question that seems to be more important each day – as we slowly wake up to an austere reality. Unfortunately, we might be waking up too late. But at least we are here – nobody will tell us “you had to be there”.

Enjoy the reading!



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