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Postdramatic Fishing

The publication of “Postdramatic Fishing” is also a product of cooperation between Maska and Frakcija magazines. The book outlines a theoretical context for eight performances with longer texts.

The collection of articles brings texts by Sergej Pristaš, Marin Blažević, Bojana Milohnić, Aldo Cvejić, Ana Vujanović, Ivana Ivković, Amelia Kraigher and Rok Vevar.

The texts analytically tackle the performances from Maska’s production that were appearing on the 17th and 18th April in Zagreb under the title Postdramatic Fishing (Emil Hrvatin: Miss Mobile, Magdalena Reiter: Forma Interrogativa, Matej Kejžar and Gregor Luštek: At Senses – At Times, and Goran Bogdanovski & Fičo balet: Sweat and Soot) and the performances of the contemporary Croatian theatre and dance that will appear in Ljubljana in May 2003 at this year’s 9th Exodos.

The scope Postdramatic fishing will thus contain a performance by Sergej Pristaš’s group, BAD Co. with Diderot’s Nephew as a paraphrase of a text by the famous representator of the age of enlightenment and encyclopedist Diderot, Bobo Jelčić and Nataša Rajković (Teatar & TD) will be presented to the Ljubljana public with Uncertain Story,the project Solo me (BAD Co.) will feature Nikolina Bujas Pristaš next to Pravdan Devlahović, once again after last year’s Mladi levi festival; and in the performance Private in Vitro (BAD Co.), we will see Željka Sančanin. – The collection of articles Postdramatic Fishing - Attempt on Potentialities of Performance – has been published in English.

English edition.

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