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Fama is a common project of the Zagreb Frakcija magazine and Maska. The first issue was published in English and German, in collaboration with the Dance festival from Munich. It was dedicated to the thematisation of the status of the body in different cultures and artistic practices. In the next issues, we write about the status of a radical subject in art, and about critique.

“Maska’s ambition has always been to be present in the international space. This year, we have managed a unique achievement, for we have published the first issue of FAMA, a common issue of Maska and the Frakcija magazine from Zagreb. The cooperation between Maska and Frakcija has been going on for several years, so the idea of a mutual project has matured. In collaboration with the Dance festival from Munich, we have prepared a thematic publication in English and German entitled The Body/the Difference. The starting-point of the first issue of FAMA is the cultural production of the body. Therefore, we have invited the authors of different proveniences and researchers of the status of the body in different cultures to cooperate. Andre Lepecki writes about neocolonialist relations inside Europe, Hans-Thies Lehmann on virtual theatre bodies, Aldo Milohnić analyses the ideological basis of theatre anthropology. Yacouba Konate discusses contemporary African dance, and Nataša Hrastnik the body of contemporary African female literature. Trinh T. Minh-ha writes about the performance through cultures, Rustom Barucha on the future of inter-culturalism, Guillermo Gomez-Pena on etno-cyborgs and genetically engineered Mexicans. Finally, we publish an essay by Marina Gržinić on Biomechanics Noordung, a performance by Dragan Živadinov in combined gravitations, and the text of the performance The Stories of the Body, by an Irish performer Mary Duffy, that made a guest appearance a short while ago in Galerija Kapelica.”Aldo Milohnić & Goran Sergej Pristaš




English  - German edition.

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