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The book by Serge Halimi talks about contemporary French journalism and its proclaimed “contre-pouvoir” attitude. The French media have a declaratively critically set attitude towards all the forms of power, but the predominating discourse “journalisme de reverence” is showing in printed as well as audio-visual media. A smaller group of powerful journalists reproduces relations in which journalism is seen more and more as an advocate of market logic and logic of large capital. Thus, the space of media independence is shrinking, which Halimi persuasively discusses through an analysis of the French media in the nineties. 

Even though the book is above all an analysis of the French media space, we feel it is exceptionally topical for the Slovenian media conditions, in which the logic of capital is more and more present, and the experiment of new forms is pressuring the independence of the media – through the changed proprietorial structures. <br/>

With the book by Serge Halimi, Maska is starting a new collection called Media Forum, in which we will publish up-to-date theoretical discussions from the field of mass media, new technologies and media. 

The book was published in Slovenian language.


Slovene edition. 

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158 pages, 12 x 16 cm format, b&w reproductions, paperback