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Igor Delorenzo Omahen, photographer (1962–2004)

He was born on 20 April 1962 in Ljubljana. He first studied in Prague and continued his studies in Ljubljana. After the grammar school he studied architecture; during his studies he started publishing his photographic work all over the former Yugoslavia. In his first period he worked on portrait and theatre photography, and his lens caught most of important cultural events in the 1980s. In 1988 he became a free-lance photographer. 

In the 1990s he got engaged in the organisation of group photo exhibitions. He has been acclaimed for a successful promotion of Slovene photographers abroad. After meeting with Jože Gale, architectural photography became his additional lifelong inspiration. His search for “the static in the dynamic”, which is displayed in his theatre photos, continues in the search for “the dynamic in the static”. 

His artistic work has been published in different media outside Slovenia, in book editions, and in digital formats as promotional materials for the Slovene cultural scene. Already in the 1980s he made a large archive of theatre photos. He collaborated with the most important theatre directors and choreographers at the Slovene cultural scene. 

His devotion to movement and space is evident in about every photo he ever made. 

After a severe illness he died in Ljubljana on 3 July 2004.