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Lazar Džamić: Cvetličarna v Hiši cvetja

Other than at home, the Italian comic book Alan Ford gained popularity only in the former Yugoslavia, where it exceeded all expectation as a phenomenon of popular culture and became a cult: today it seems to have been created directly for the Yugoslav market.  The book Cvetličarna v Hiši cvetja, written by marketing expert, journalist and columnist Lazar Džamić, who now lives and works in London, is a witty, lucid and profound culturological analysis of comics and its reception in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Džamić demonstrates how in Alan Ford the writer Max Bunker (Luciano Secchi) and the illustrator Magnus (Roberto Raviola) set traditional characters and situations from Renaissance-period commedia dell’arte in the New York milieu during the Cold War period, spiced it up with surrealist farce and satirical critique of a corrupted political system (capitalism, communism or any other political project of the closure of History). They created an efficient mixture of archetypes able to be identified with at any time, and set them in a modern urban environment characterised by a distant enemy threat. This comics "machine" successfully addressed the reading public in Italy and especially in the former Yugoslavia, where the first issues came out in 1970. At the time, Yugoslavia was a mix of socio-political contradictions and relative liberalism – factors that generated a number of absurd situations that the readers grasped in the (black) humour of Alan Ford.

Translated by: Branko Gradišnik
Foreword by: Mitja Velikonja

With Cvetličarna v Hiši cvetja by Lazar Džamić, Maska Publications further pursues the analytical approach to the contemporary pop-culture phenomena addressed in the MEDIAkcije collection (Naomi Klein: No Logo; Olivier Razac: Ekran in živalski vrt [L’écran et le zoo]; Ariel Dorfman & Armand Mattelart: Kako brati Jaka Racmana [How to Read Donald Duck]).

Amelia Kraigher, editor

Price: 19 €

Slovene edition.

Lazar Džamić
Kako smo posvojili in živeli Alana Forda 

How we adopted and lived Alan Ford] 

Translated by: Branko Gradišnik 

Mediakcije Series, book No. 13 

Editor-in-chief: Amelia Kraigher 

Published by: MASKA, Institute for Publishing, Production and Education
Metelkova 6
SI – 1000 Ljubljana 

Original title:
Cvjećarnica u Kući cveća.
Kako smo usvojili i živeli Alana Forda
© Lazar Džamić, Max Bunker (illustrations)
© for Slovenian edition: MASKA 

Foreword by: Mitja Velikonja 

Interview with Davor Brixy translated by: Polona Glavan
Slovene language editing: Amelia Kraigher
Proof-reading: Gašper Malej 

Design and layout: Ajdin Bašić, Mitja Miklavčič 

For the Publisher: Janez Janša 

Printed by: Cicero
Copies: 400
Ljubljana, 2014 

The publication of the book was supported by the Slovenian Book Agency. 

Thanks to Naklada Jesenski i Turk from Zagreb to kindly provided book illustrations.

The illustrations and their captions follow the original (Croatian-Serbian) edition and are produced accordingly. 

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