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MISperformance: essays in shifting perspectives


Marin Blažević, Lada Čale Feldman (eds.)

MISperformance: essays in shifting perspectives is a collection of essays that address a spectrum of cultural, organizational, technological, ecological, political and daily performances by focusing on the causes and consequences of a misfire, misconception, misrecognition, misnaming, misfitting etc. Aspects and impacts of MISperformance that are susceptible to provoking disturbances, distortions, alternations, abortions, if not disasters within diverse spheres of private and social life, including aesthetic and political practices, are investigated in the light of their potentially both regressive, even tragic outcome, and resistant, even transgressive efficacy, as also the absence or abandonment of any reason in or for performance.

English only.

Published by Maska Ljubljana in partnership with Performance Studies international, Drugo more Rijeka and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Doctoral Programme in Literature, Performing Arts, Film and Culture Zagreb. Printed and distributed by Lulu marketplace

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Introduction — 9
Marin Blažević and Lada Čale Feldman
Misperformance in Four Acts 11

Part I
Inverted / Reverted Concepts and Theories — 29

Morana Čale
Performance as Cryptonymy:
the Economy of Failure in Critical Theory 31
Jon Mckenzie
Posthuman Misperformance:
BP and the Flight of the Whooping Cranes 45
Carol Becker
The Space Between What Is and What Wants to Be:
The Abandoned Practice of Utopian Thinking 61
Sophie Nield
Past Imperfect, Future Tense
On History as Discarded Practice 69
Ana Vujanović
Second-hand Knowledge
(In Slalom through Yugoslav Cultural-artistic Space) 79

Part II
MIS-incorporations, MIS-presentations,
MIS-spectatorships — 89
Arseli Dokumacı
Misfires that Matter:
Habitus of the Disabled Body 91
Lada Čale Feldman
The Lecture and its Infelicities:
Recovering Goffmans Legacy for (Mis)Performance Studies 109
Joe Kelleher:On
Misattention 127

Part III
MIS(sing)-aesthetics, ethics, politics — 139
Annalisa Sacchi
Mi(s)mesis, or the Theatrical Way to the Stars 141
Edward Scheer
Recomposing the Social Drama:
Myra's Olympic Snafu 157
Maaike Bleeker
Challenging forth the Truth:
Rabih Mroue's On Three Posters.
Reflection on a Video-performance 171

Nicolas Salazar Sutil
404, the Performativity of Error:
with Insights into Cyber-errorism in Internacional
Errorista and Electronic Disturbance Theatre

Part IV
Shifting MISperformativity — 201
Branislav Jakovljević
Continuous and Endless Mistake:
(Every House has a) Door on Perpetual War 203
Laurie Beth Clark & Michael Peterson
MisTopian Performance 219
Ric Allsopp
Walking Backwards 235
P.A. Skantze
Shift Epistemologies:
Gap Knowledge 245

Contributors — 255



Marin Blažević and Lada Čale Feldman
MISperformance: essays in shifting perspectives

Published by 
Maska, Institute for Publishing, Production and Education, Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

In partnership with:
Performance Studies international

Drugo more (The Other Sea), Korzo 28, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Doctoral program in literature, performing arts, film and culture - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Filozofski fakultet, Ivana Lučića 3, 10000 Zagreb

Introduction, selection and editorial matter © Marin Blažević and Lada Čale Feldman 2014

Individual chapters © contributors 2014

For the publisher: Janez Janša
Design and layout: Ajdin Bašić
Proofreading: Una Bauer
Printed by Printera d.o.o. Zagreb