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The book is conceived as a compendium of insights into contemporary Slovene performing arts by home and foreign authors. The original idea is a selective and problem oriented authorial approach, binding critical reflection on the field of contemporary Slovene performing arts into a wider, international context. Problem oriented insights of renowned home and foreign experts in different fields of contemporary performing arts elucidate the facts and strategies which have contributed to the dissemination of the notion of performing during the last fifteen years and thus have had far reaching effects on the entire territory of contemporary performing arts. The book documents a broad spectrum of performing arts which have been developing in Slovenia over the past fifteen years, from experimental and conceptual theatre, ambiental projects, dance theatre to intermedia arts, performance and body art.

The book is the first thorough analysis of contemporary Slovene performing arts in the past fifteen years. Therefore it presents a significant contribution both to the understanding of performing arts as well as to the process of their historicization. Contributions by: Eda Čufer, Marina Gržinić, Simon Kardum, Mojca Kumerdej, Bojana Kunst, Blaž Lukan, Aldo Milohnić, Barbara Orel, Stojan Pelko, Nataša Petrešin, Petra Pogorevc, Katja Praznik, Mojca Puncer, Tomaž Toporišič, Luk van den Dries, Rok Vevar, Ana Vujanović.







1. Time of condensation: Understanding of contemporaneity
Eda Čufer: Our cause
Bojana Kunst: Difficulties with contemporaneity
Petra Pogorevc: Political beyond the modern
Ana Vujanović: Maska’s hacking of the virtual. Provisional mapping of Maska within the local, regional and international contexts

2. Expanding the field: history and context
Rok Vevar: Proposals for the conceptualization of history of contemporary dance in Slovenia
Simon Kardum: Introductory rituals of the third generation
Aldo Milohnić: “The political” and theatre, which is not its double. About the performances of the “third generation” in the early nineties of the 20th century
Tomaž Toporišič: The vulnerable body of the text and the stage. Performative shift and its traces in Slovenian theatre after the year 2000

3. Spaces, situations and transitions of art
Igor Zabel: Marko Peljhan’s Theatre of resistance
Nataša Petrešin: Fictitious institutions, theatre and intermedia arts
Aldo Milohnić: Artivism
Bojana Kunst: Politics of affection and uneasiness
Mojca Puncer: From black to white, from white to red. Theatre-museum and other hybrid poetics of performing spaces

4. Politics of performing and the performing body
Mojca Kumerdej: Case Kapelica. Ethics of not yielding to desire
Blaž Lukan: The real in Jablanovec. Eight projects, eight observations
Katja Praznik: I am in movement with you. Slovenian contemporary dance between movement and body
Marina Gržinić: On the dramatization of performance art and performative politics with female artists from ex-Yugoslavia

5. Spectator and the eye
Eda Čufer: Athletics of the eye
Luk Van den Dries: Soap operas and thought games. On the theatre work of Emil Hrvatin
Stojan Pelko: Double exposition
Blaž Lukan: Paradigms of the theatre of surplus. De Brea, Janežič, Lorenci
Barbara Orel: From behind the retina. The configuration of perception in contemporary Slovenian theatre

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