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Franco Berardi – Bifo: The Soul at Work


The Soul at Work is one of the best known books by the Marxist media theorist and activist Franco Berardi Bifo. It was translated in fifteen languages but never published in Italy due to the author's critic of social, economic and political conditions.

This publication is the first translation of any Berardi's work in Slovene. It gives a historical overview and analysis of radical political thought from 1960s to the end of 20th century, with a special focus on the workers' alienation in a post-industrial society which is addressed by the author through Neo-Marxist, Deleuzian and Guattarian concepts, Critical Theory and semiotics. Said theories and concepts allowed Berardi to develop an original theoretic tool to convincingly outline the causes and consequences of the modern forms of alienation, subjectivation and precarisation of labour in neo-liberal capitalist society. He explains how the Marxist concept of alienation was replaced by psychopathologies and the loss of worker’s subjectivity: contemporary capitalism tries to make endless profits off intellectual work with computers, which, in a high-tech environment overladen with stimuli, is exceptionally chaotic and hurried and can cause anxiety. The precarisation of workers is the foundation of a new subjectivation that dissolves the promises of progressive history and a better future. The solution suggested by Berardi are new models of economic and social organisation based on solidarity. Bifo’s script is academic and complex but at the same time exciting and amusing.

Amelia Kraigher


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Slovene edition