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Free Hands. The Anthology of Theory Refections on the Slovenian Theatre (1899–1979)

The anthology Free Hands is a reprint of the theoretical works on the Slovenian theatre produced from 1899 and 1979. They were all published in the newspapers, periodicals or theatre bulletins at the time but – with the exception of two – not in a book form. In the editors’ belief, they significantly contribute to the formation of a comprehensive image of the Slovenian theatre in the past as well as the contemporary theatre and its theory. Arranged in a chronological order and collected in logical chapters, there are the texts of 33 authors, including theatre theoreticians, historians, playwrights and other theatre professionals such as directors, actors, set designers that each in their own way reflect on the (Slovenian) theatre. The anthology reveals nearly forgotten reflections of some acknowledged theatre theoreticians (such as Taras Kermauner, Primož Kozak, Lado Kralj, Andrej Inkret or Zoja Skušek), the texts of past authors (such as Anton Aškerc, Vladimir Bartol, Ciril Debevec, France Koblar or Milan Skrbinšek) as well as discovers some inspiring and polemic theoretical "gems" by the authors such as Stane Melihar, Rastko Močnik, Samo Simčič or Dane Zajc. Free Hands is a reading for anyone interested in the Slovenian theatre, both past and contemporary, it will be of help to theatre theoreticians and practitioners and especially appealing to students that might have never heard of the names selected.

Selected and edited by: Blaž Lukan and Primož Jesenko

Book is published in slovene lenguage.

— 29-05-2013 : Free Hands. The Anthology of Theory Refections on the Slovenian Theatre (1899–1979)
National Theatre Museum of Slovenia, Mestni trg 17, Ljubljana
Maska Ljubljana & National Theatre Museum of Slovenia