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YEARBOOK – The Latest Issue Has Been Published

Present for Maska subscribers!

The latest issue of the magazine created within Team network has been published. Team network connects 12 European magazines in the field of contemporary performing arts. The main guideline, the topic of this issue is East/West: Distorting Mirrors. What are the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall? What clichés in art and cultural politics, be they about the East or the West, were created by the fall, what did it preserve and what kind of a new wall did it construct? Is there an imbalance in art and cultural politics between the East and the West? Does the East offer an alternative to the West, to the logic of the free market? These are only a few of the questions posed in this issue. The Profiles section brings you Alvis Hermanis, Árpád Schilling, Charles Tordjman, Joe Fabiani and Einstürzende Neubauten.