Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Biotechnology, Philosophy and Sex

The present special issue of Maska, dedicated to Biotechnology, Philosophy and Sex, with its texts presented also on an international conference, brings a renewed reflection on science and technology, bio-chips and organs, the male and the female (trans-sexuality) within the framework of a philosophical and interdisciplinary (artistic, cultural, political) context. Cloning and diverse attitudes towards globality have a deep impact on the policy of representation that focuses on the human body and thus develops systems and paradigms, structures and matrixes of representations of bodies, which are determined through history, social gender and class. (Marina Gržinić)

Marie-Luise Angerer (Germany) 
Caroline Bassett (Great Britain)
Dominique Chateau (France)
Sarah Franklin (Great Britain)
Claudia Reiche (Germany)
Marina Gržinić (Slovenia)
Maria Klonaris/Katerina Thomadaki (France)
Marie-José Mondzain (France)
Karin Spaink (Netherlands)
Jackie Stacey (Great Britain)



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Slovene-English edition.