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Go east!

With the issues Talks With Directors (volume VII/ 1-2/ 1997 – 1998), otherwise dated with the year 1997, even though it was published in the spring of 1998, and Go East! (volume VII/ 3-4/ 1998), Maska entered a transition period. Go East! is an issue edited by Rok Vevar, with a newly formed editorial board (Emil Hrvatin, Primož Jesenko, Jedrt Jež, Bojana Kunst, Blaž Lukan, Gašper Malej and Aldo Milohnić), which was active in its perfected form from 1999 until 2004.

The year 1998 is a kind of disillusional period for the Slovenian non-institutional theatre production, since it was perhaps in this period that it found out that the 80s have passed and that contemporary theatre creativity is going on in totally changed conditions. Speaking about that is an article by Eda Čufer, with which she also participated in the round table within the framework of the new festival, Mladi levi, that experienced its baptism at diverse Ljubljana scenes in August 1998 in the organization of Zavod Bunker. The central thematic range Go East! brings articles by Marvin Carlson – The Languages of the Modern International Stage, by Aldo Milohnić – Asia in Europe, by Bojana Kunst – The Americal Model in Poland, by Jedrt Jež – Go East!, a talk between Eda Čufer and an Estonian producer Pitt Raud, Blaž Lukan’s Why Doesn’t Slovenia Have a Theatre Festival yet?, Barbara Orel’s From the Theatre of Objects to the Theatre of Images, Emil Hrvatin writes about the exhibition Body and The East and Out of Actions, Marin Blažević thinks about What the 12th Evrokaz has Shown. An interview with Blaž Lukan entitled Writing is a Question of Courage was conducted by Rok Vevar and Gašper Malej. Finally, Maska brings the translated and selected Notes by German painter Gerhard Richter and a thematic scope The Challenges of New theatre: the Challenges of New Theory (Emil Hrvatin, Maja Breznik, Denis Poniž, Aldo Milohnić, Bojana Kunst, Lado Kralj).




Rok Vevar: Editorial  

Eda Čufer: What can we say abotu theatre and dnace of the nineties

Rok Vevar: Introduction

Marvin Carlson: The lenguages of the moderen internatioanl stage 

Aldo Milohnić: Asia in Europe 

Bojana Kunst: American model in Poland 

Jedrt Jež: Go East!

Eda Čufer: Too late for the cultural minister, but not too late for us. Conversation with Priit Raud. 

Blaž Lukan: Why is there no theatre festival in Slovenia?

Barbara Orel: From the theatre of objects to the theatre of images 

Emil Hrvatin: Two histories of action art 

Marin Blažević: What did we see at 12th Eurokaz 

Aldo Milohnić: (Pro)moto/ers of the independent scene 

Rok Vevar & Gašper Malej: Writing is the question of courage. Interview with Blaž Lukan. 

Irena Štaudohar: A girl and the contrabass 

Jana Pavlič: Convergnece 

Blaž Lukan: Silva Čušin: Veliled downwards

Gerhardt Richter: Notes (1962-1993) 

Emil Hrvatin: Editorial 

Maja Breznik: Theatricality 

Denis Poniž: Text in text, text in performance 

Aldo Milohnić: Tehory and ideology in the discourse of theatre antropology

Bojana Kunst: What about this, John 

Lado Kralj: Theatricaly