Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

The Body, caught in the Computer


The issue of Maska as well as the Transformacije collection is a collection of papers with the title The Body, caught in the Computer’s Intestines – Women Strategies and/ or the Strategies of Women in the Media, Art and Theory. The editor Marina Gržinič says: “Even the plan of this year’s book focuses on women activities in the area of madia, art and theory. The book brings diverse strategies, conceived by women who act in the field of media and art, as well as textual and interpretative works on different subjects from female authors. This year’s book project brings discussions on artistic, activist and theoretical strategies in connection with the body and with different aspects of the body as a visual and political paradigm in the world of art, media and theory. It brings strategies and survival, action, behaviour and mentality tactics, represented nad articulated by women; those strategies were so far marginalized in most cases.”