Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Theatrical tactics

The current thematic scope revolves around the detection of the theatrical medium itself, which by re-using some theatrological notions reveals the fluid boundaries of the performance territory (Milohnić, Pristaš, Strehovec, Valentini, Orel, etc.). The contemporary performance territories thus do not reveal themselves as models, but primarily as an oppositional and articulate use of different contents, by which the intertwining and nomadic territory of the “in-between” can be disclosed.

This issue of Maska with the title Theatrical tactics brings, in its title thematic scope, articles by Bojana Kunst: Strategic Performing, by Valentina Valentini: Multimedia and Performing Arts, by Goran Sergej Pristaš: Objectification, by Aldo Milohnić: Gestus – the Visual in the Discursive, by Barbara Orel: The Radiation of the Fictitious into the Real, of the Public into the Private, by Janez Strehovec: Switching to the Game Mode. In the scope Contemporary Art in Traditional Institutions, Katja Praznik tackles last year’s Zürich theatre scandals that brought angry demonstrators to the streets of this Swiss city, and Gerald Siegmund handles the chronicles of last year’s Frankfurt ballet season, that marks the ending of the most restless period of the modern history of ballet with the departure of William Forsythe from the Frankfurt ballet institution. Tomaž Toporišič publishes the second part of his research of text in relation to the theatrical practice of the 80s under the title The Function of Text in Slovenian Theatre Aesthetic of the Eighties, and Jure Stojan handles theatricality of post-modern terrorism in the article Sublime Cynicism. The Middle Ages in the performances of Matjaž Berger The Name of the Rose and in Diego de Brea’s The Duel is discussed by both directors in an interview, edited and transcribed by Petra Pogorevc, and in an essay The Memory of the Middle Ages by Martina Šiler. The sixth and last range of the winter issue is dedicated to the ever more popular butoh: an article by Mojca Puncer is about butoh in the view of the last performance of Tanja Zgonc, and what follows is an interview with last year’s winner of the Prešernov sklad Award about her momentary experience of that ‘system’, as she herself refers to butoh. – The magazine is also translated into English. – You can get to know more about the issue on the press conference anticipated for the beginning of March.


Bojana Kunst: Strategic performing
Valentina Valentan: Multimedia and performing arts
Goran Sergej Pristaš: Objectification
Aldo Milohnić: Gestus: The visual in the discoursive
Barbara Orel: The radiation of the fictious into the real, of the public into the private
Janez Strehovec: Switching to the game mode


Katja Praznik: The Marthaler case
Gerald Siegmund: The decline of the Frankfurt myth  
Gerald Siegmund: The space of memory: William Forsythe's ballets  


Tomaž Toporišič: The function of text in slovenian theatre aesthetic of the eighties (Part Two)


Jure Stojan: Sublime cynicism. An Essay on Post-modern Terrorism.


Petra Pogorevc: Eros / Freedom. The Name of the Rose and The Duel - Interview with directors Matjaž Berger and Diego de Brea.
Martina Šiler: The memory of the middle ages


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