Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Vision and Visuality

This issue of Maska brings a thematic scope Vision and Visuality (the editor of the thematic scope is Maaike Bleeker), continues the topic of The New European Dramatics (treated in detail in the issue 5-6(70-71)/ 2001, the editor of the thematic scope Petra Pogorevc) with the interview with a Croatian dramatist Ivana Sajko, and treats the marginal theatres. “Vision – the act or faculty of seeing, of sight – is not just a physical operation presenting us with an impression of the world “there to be seen”. A growing awareness of the inevitable entanglement of vision with what is called “visuality” – the distinct historically manifestations of visual experience – in a wide variety of fields, draws attention to the necessity of locating vision within a specific historic and cultural situation,” says Maaike Bleeker in the introduction to Vision and Visuality.


Maaike Bleeker: Editorial

Freddie Rokem: Where to look? Construcions of the spectator in the moderen theatre 

Patricia Portela: It is much easier for an actor to be an character than for a character to ve an actor

Franck Bauchard: Theatre as a watching machine

Maaike Bleeker: Male / Female, Fantasy / Reality: Mirror works III by Edward

Christopher Balme: Stages of Vision: Image, body and medium in contemporary theatre

Jeron Peeters: there is nothing to see. Notes from pseudo-spectator on Boris »héâtre élévision«

Maaike Bleeker: Cave dwellers and posmodernists: The question of ontology

Stefanie Wenner: The horizont, the visible and the invisible

Katharina Adamenko: A body of text: Challenging notions of vision and visuality by challenging those who do the viewing


Marina Gržinić: Towards new perofmativity adn processuality

Rok Vevar: The world ends on Monday 


 Petra Pogorevc: Speecih is a Weapon. An interview with the Croatian playwright Ivana Sajko.


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