Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Dance and Politics

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Slovene-English edition.


Ramsay Burt: Dnace, history, adn political relevance
Jens Giersdorf: »Hey, I won't let you destroy my history«: East German dance theatre and the politics of restaging
Bojana Kunst: Politics of avvestion and uneasiness
Krassimira Kruschova: Dance interrupts the visible. From the lecture series ob?scene at the Tanzquartier Wien.
Bojana Cvajić: Good objects exchanged for monstrums events. Speaking of the vicissitudes of the dance medium.
Rok Vevar: Forma Interrogativa
Nirvana Marinho: Sampling the media trough the body – a critique of the product of dance
Johannes Birringer: Networked environments for interactive dance
Petra Sabish: Scores of Processes. About Agency in Contemporary Dance/Performance  REVIEWS
Mojca Puncer: Metamorphoses and/or homo-animalic promiscuities
Barbara Orel: Symbolism, simulation and the blind