Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

No. 133-134

Maska, vol. XVI, no. 133-134


In all its diversity, this issue reveals the position of art today, in which it is precisely its powerlessness that proves to be the potential power for a new beginning. Insofar as the faith in the potential power of art had until recently been quite strong, today only a few still believe in its political power. It turns out that the introduction of new concepts is no longer sufficient for the emergence of the basic/fundamental conditions that would lead to changes in the field of artistic creation. Naïve faith in the authenticity of an artwork or its a priori emancipatory power, too, is losing the potential for making changes in the field of art. Instead of these, this issue, together with its authors, offers new paths and views, returning to the very beginning, emptying space and the conceptual load based on ideology embedded in the capitalistic makeup.

This issue contains select theoretical and artistic contributions, an interview with Croatian artist Oliver Frljić and two reviews. They were written by: Pia Brezavšček, Jonathan Burrows, Katja Čičigoj, Stefan Jonsson, Andreja Kopač, Lev Kreft, Bojana Kunst, Rok Vevar and Beti Žerovc.


The issue was edited by Bojana Kunst and Jasmina Založnik.



Bojana Kunst, Jasmina Založnik: Editorial → PDF

Pia Brezavšček in Katja Čičigoj: “Artistic interests, if there are any left, are intertwined with the political context in which I work.” An Interview with Oliver Frljić

Katja Čičigoj: The Power of the Radical Powerlessness of Criticism. Renzo Martens: Episode 3, 2010

Pia Brezavšček: Ego Ecology. On the Performance Tam daleč stran. Uvod v ego-logijo [So Far Away: Introduction to Ego-ology] by the Group Betontanc Ltd.

Stefan Jonsson: Painting Democracy: Reflections on the Relation of Art and Politics

Andreja Kopač: Festival > Nihilism > Economy > Annexation > Nagib 2010 Expanded »Spaces of Play«

Rok Vevar: How my Life Turned into a Festival.

Bojana Kunst: How Time Can Dispossess: On Duration and Movement in Contemporary Performance

Jonathan Burrows: Cheap Lecture

Beti Žerovc: The Exhibition as Artwork, The Curator as Artist: A Comparison with Theatre 

Lev Kreft: Theories of Theatre and Sport