Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

The attitude of the 4th generation

This year's first issue of magazine Maska is dedicated to the creativity of the youngest generation of Slovenian theatre directors (Lorenci, de Brea, Janežič), whose theatrical poetics was dubbed the theatre of surplus by the renowned critic Blaž Lukan. In a conversation with the philosopher Alenka Zupančič we pay special attention to the problem of comedy today (on the publication of her book Poetics, Volume Two), we consider the translucence of the real in the theatre of Josef Nadj, and together with the Austrain dance critic Helmut Ploebst analyse the Spiritual Grace of conceptual dance. A a critical reflection on contemporary art and its possibility/capability of subversion was contributed to this issue by the Belgian philosopher Dieter Lesage.




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1. Blaž Lukan, The Attitude of the Fourth Generation: The Paradigms of the Theatre That Reaches Beyond: De Brea, Janežič, Lorenci
2. Petra Pogorevc, Building up courage for silence. An Interview with Jernej Lorenci

4. Tadej Troha, A difficult climate for comedy. An interview with Alenka Zupančič
5. Maaike Bleeker, Theatricality and the Search for an Ethics of Vision
6. Bara Kolenc, The Dary of a Stranger and the real in contemporary theatre
7. Thomas Irmer, We are interested in everything that cannot be yet grasperd in theatre. A conversation with René Pollesch and Olaf Nicolai
8. Helmut Ploebst, The Spiritual Grace of Conceptual Dance. Meteorology, Archaeology and Re-conceptualisation in the System of Communicating Communication

9. Dieter Lesage, Art, capitalism and resistance
10. Amelia Jones, Rapture
11. Kurt Vanhoutte, Radical confluences
12. Ileana Pintilea, The Private and the Social Body. Romanian Artists before and after 1989


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