Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Subversive affirmation

This issue of magazine Maska Subversive Affirmation, edited by renowned German theoreticians Inke Arns and Sylvia Sasse, deals with the documentation and reflection of artistic practices which employ various strategies of subversive affirmation (overidentification, yes revolution, paradoxical intervention) in different artistic contexts. 

 A wide genre selection of texts, from theoretical essays to a performance script, provides a reflection of methods and strategies as well as of practices of different artistic collectives and individual authors within totalitaristic and democratic systems, namely within socialist and capitalist economies; while at the same time the issue makes an attempt at historical classification of artistic practices of subversive affirmation and tries to link them with their philosophical, artistic and social origins and inspirations. Besides extensive reading, with this issue Maska magazine is adopting a new layout, visually conceptualized by a young Slovakian designer Martin Mistrik.




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TOTART, The total presence in a total situation
Sylvia Eiblmayr, Personal Cuts
Sabina Hänsgen, Andrej Monaskyrskij, A dialogue on the slogans of the "Collective Actions" group
Slavoj Žižek, Why are NSK and Laibach not Fascists
Bazon Brock, Negative affirmation, Bad capitalism, etc.
Dagmar Buchwald, "agree 'em to death and destruction” – subversive affirmation and The Para-site in Afrofuturism
Martin Doll, Similarity as a Mask. On the identity Corrections of the The Yes Men
Friedrich von Borries, Corporate Situationism – The Last Utopia and its Fake
Kembrew McLeod, Trademarking Freedom of Expression
Mark Siemons, The moment when reallty appears. On "self-provocation" and the void
Rimini Protokoll, Deutschland 2


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