Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Strategies against control loops - Some people and moments of tactical reality

Maska, vol. XXIV, no. 119-120, winter 2009

We are pleased to announce the publication of new issue of journal Maska (on the April 6th) Strategies against control loops – Some people and moments of tactical reality, edited by Marko Peljhan, Katja Praznik & Mojca Puncer. The issue focuses on opening up a space of concerns positioned at an extremely sharp junction of artistic-activist practices, capital, social systems of control and regulation, and science. With texts, interviews and manifestos by renowned theorist and artist from the tactical media fields, such as Geert Lovink, Konrad Becker, Brian Holmes, Graham Harwood etc., the issue maps the terrain, whereon we could identify the contours of the role tactical media play, and their relationship with the socio-political and scientific spaces. The issue is therefore focused on a conceptual thread that includes an overview and the definition of creative methods for reflection and construction of social phenomena, some examples of good practices at home and abroad and the reflection of the role cybernetic sciences play today.

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Editor in chief: Katja Praznik
Editor of issue: Marko Peljhan, Katja Praznik, Mojca Puncer
Editorial board : Bojana Kunst, Nina Meško, Saša Nabergoj, Mojca Puncer, Karla Železnik, Andrej Jaklič, Jurij Krpan, Blaž Lukan
International Editorial Board: Inke Arns, Maaike Bleeker, Eda Čufer, Ivana Ivković, Nataša Petrešin Bachelez, Ana Vujanović, Marko Peljhan, Luc Van Den Dries
Art director: Martin Mistrik
Slovene language Editor: Simona Ana Radež
English language Editor: Jana Wilcoxen