Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Europe in capitalist a(rt) minor

Maska, vol. XXIII, no. 115–116 (summer 2008)

"If no intellectual, artistic, political discourses are developed which criticise what is going on in Europe, there will be no interest, no participation in European issues at all." (Therese Kaufmann / Gerald Raunig)

New issue of journal Maska – Europe in capitalist a(rt) minor is focused on the reflection on the state of art and culture in contemporary Europe – not taken only as the exclusive club of EU member states. Slovenia’s EU Presidency incite us to again ask ourselves about the future of Europe and the position of art in the newly formed social context. Maja Breznik is discussing what are the models and reforms controlling and dictating European cultural production and what has happened in the domestic cultural struggles that have taken place in the last seventeen years. Aglika Stefanova is addressing the dilemmas that dominate the cultural spaces of the former Eastern block as they are positioning themselves in the cultural field within the EU context in case of Bulgaria. While Suzana Milevska is writing about the state of European democracy when it comes to the countries waiting at EU’s doorstep and the pressures they are subject to in case of Macedonia and the name issue. The discussion on the future of Europe touches also upon the state of the field of art in post-Fordist society and is consequently related to the question of how to overcome the horizons of a capitalist regime by way of a social struggle. Or, how to organize a struggle for the reestablishment of art practices outside the structures and domination of the capitalist art market, which is the topic of Gene Ray’s, Beti Žerovc and Fancesco Salvini’s contributions.

Besides, the issue is featuring also Ljubljana lecture of prominent professor and theoris Erika Fischer-Lichte on the concept of the aesthetics of the performative and the analysis of the performance Maßnahme/Mauser by great concept philosopher of the German theatre Frank Castorf, in which he staged Brecht’s Measures Taken and Müller's Mauser to critically reflect upon the contemporary society.




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Erika Fischer-Lichte Culture as Performance


Katja praznik Notes and Remarks on the Category of Europe

Maja Breznik The end of aesthetic social state: The field of cultural production between the past and the future

Gene Ray Exit, Radical Culture and the Re-Composition of Struggle

Beti Žerovc Networking, curatorship and social capital

Francesco Salvini The moons of Jupiter: Networked institutions in the productive transformations of Europe

Suzana Milevska Makedonija Macedonia: Rogue State or State of Exception?

Aglika Stefanova Bulgari, in omni orbe terribiles

Marina Gržinić Good Morning, EU: Class Racism within the EU!

Stefan Kaegi 15 Short Plays s poti II. / 15 Short Plays made on the Road II.


Thomas Irmer The Continuation of a Counterrevolution? Castorf ’s Maßnahme/Mauser

Florent Delval Portraite of a Masque: Claudia Dias

Andreja Kopač “Your prejudice today could be your way of working in the future.” An Interview with Tiago Guedes


Editor in Chief: Katja Praznik
Editor of this issue: Karla Železnik and Katja Praznik
Editorial Board: Bojana Kunst, Nina Meško, Saša Nabergoj, Mojca Puncer, Karla Železnik, Mare Bulc, Andrej Jaklič, Jurij Krpan, Blaž Lukan
International Editorial Board: Inke Arns, Maaike Bleeker, Eda Čufer, Ivana Ivković, Nataša Petrešin Bachelez, Ana Vujanović, Marko Peljhan, Luc Van Den Dries
Art Director: Martin Mistrik
Slovene Language Editor: Simona Ana Radež
English Language Editor: Jana Wilcoxen

Publication date: 22. september 2008
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— 31-10-2008 : Maska, vol. XXIII, no. 115–116 Europe in capitalist a(rt) minor (summer 2008) – publication: 22. september 2008