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Does Production Dance Alone? 1.

The main topic of the current journal is devoted to the question Does production dance alone? With it we are beginning the debate on the circumstances for art production with a wish to open a dialogue for solution of an impossible situation dominating this field. The core of the rubric phenomenon is therefore dedicated to two extensive interviews. Firstly with the producers in the independent sector and then with the representative of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. With both we would like to stimulate reflection on necessary realization of more flexible production relations that will support the autonomy of art creation and a cultural politics that will protect the rights and needs of heterogeneous views on contemporary art production and their coexistence. Among other the rest of the sections in this issue of Maska present an interview with a dance collective Les SlovaKs, review of the 3rd Slovene dance festival Moving Cake, and two manifesto like text on guerrilla theatre production.





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Andreja Kopač LeSlovaks: Les SlovaKs: “The Body is the Most Intelligent Thing” An Interview Within the Collective Without a Leader 
Samo Gosarič: Monsters and Peaches 

Katja Praznik: Does Production Dance Alone? 
· Katja Praznik: Production Over the Abyss of Cultural Politics. A Conversation with Producers in the Independent Sector
Katja Praznik: The Case of Plesna izba Maribor 
Karla Železnik: Are the Skies Over the Cultural Map Going to Clear Up? An Interview with Uroš Korenčan 

Alenka Pirman: Costumes And Traditions II. 
Marko Peljhan: Monadology 

Dejan Spasić: “Guerrilla” or Slovene Theatre Without Gods 
Andrej Jaklič: Jumping Into It 

Alja Bulič: Moving Cake – A Practical Example of the Sate of Slovene Contemporary Dance 
Mojca Puncer: From Poetics to the Politics of Body Images in the Theatre: Rodin II 
Saša Nabergoj: U3 and The State of Things 

Alja Bulič: The Politics of Modern Dance. Mark Franko Dancing Modernism/Performing Politics 
Ana Perne: Theatricality of the Everyday. Janelle Reinelt Public Performance: Essays on the Theatre of Our Time 
Urška Jurman: Self-historicization as Attempt at Dismantling or Inclusion? IRWIN East Art Map. Contemporary Art and Eastern Europe


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