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The Event as a Privileged Medium in the Contemporary Art World

The summer issue of Maska journal brings contributions to the symposium The Event as a Privileged Medium in the Contemporary Art World held at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana in November 2011, as part of the 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts. The guest editor Beti Žerovc focused on various phenomena of art event in order to investigate the nature of this currently very popular medium in the art field. Due to the fact that in its 'eventification' trend the art field is in accord with many other fields, the theoretical contributions in the new issue of Maska are explicitly interdisciplinary and cover a wide variety of subjects.



Beti Žerovc: Editorial

Beti Žerovc: Why Is It Important in the Art Field to Think about Art Events?

Sven Lütticken: The Event and its Other

Werner Hanak-Lettner: Giving Space, Taking Time; The Exhibition as a Double-Bound Script

Bojana Kunst: The Flexible Sociality of Contemporary Art Events

Roger Sansi: The Broom Event: Art, Property and Community in London, 2011

Henrietta L. Moore: What’s In an Event?

Beti Žerovc: Interview with Anthropologist Simon Coleman

Thomas Fillitz: The Mega-Event and the World Culture of Biennials; Dak’Art, the Biennial of Dakar

Robert Pfaller: Matters of Generosity; On Art and Love 



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