Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Contemporary Art and New Social Paradigms II

MASKA Vol. XXVI, No. 143–144 (winter 2011)

If our objective at the start of this year was to extend the scope of Maska and to think of it as a flexible crossing place for contemporary art practices (performing, new media and inter-media), philosophy, society, culture, science and technology; as a place to reflect upon and sometimes problematize these practices; then we continue to follow this guiding principle with the final issue of the year. The integration of contemporary art into various frameworks, particularly into changing social, economic and technological ones, is the primary subject of the second part of a theoretical section entitled Contemporary Art and New Social Paradigms, edited by Janez Strehovec. The first part was published in the previous issue. Not only is there a translation of an important late-1920s text by Siegfried Kracauer (sometimes been associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory), which continues to readily communicate with our era and finally settles the Slovenian 'debt' in the address of a relevant theoretical text; the section also brings together four original pieces addressing various aspects of contemporary art and its socio-economic context.

Similar is true of the contributions by Bojan Andjelković and Tomaž Toporišič. By defining the techno-dispositifs of Dragan Živadinov’s Noordung project, Andjelković uniquely marks 25 years of the first staging of Baptism Under Triglav by Živadinov, regarded as one of Slovenia’s most visible and original artists. Toporišič’s article attempts to answer the question as to what options are available after the declaration of the end of post-modernism, and what are at least the provisional answers to this paradoxical situation.

The issue ends with two reviews and reflections. The first, Mojca Puncer’s debut academic work Contemporary Art and Aesthetics, focuses on contemporary art in Slovenia, whilst the second by Pia Brezavšček reflects on several recent theatre performances which, in various ways, address the issue of childhood and puerility.

Following the principal topic of this issue of Maska, visual design was provoked by the trilateral tracking of a body’s position in space. Such movement in space was partially functional and – in part – wilfully tactical, which is more than obvious in the visualisation of the data used. I won’t reveal who was moving and using such tactics, nor whether it was a human or a hen.

This is it for now. Bye.

Maja Murnik

Translated by Melita Silič

Editor-in-chief: Maja Murnik
Editor of the theory section: Janez Strehovec, PhD
Editorial Board: Janez Strehovec, PhD, Tomaž Toporišič, PhD
Permament Contributors: Katja Čičigoj, Janez Janša, Bojana Kunst, PhD, Jana Pavlič, Mojca Puncer, PhD, Monika Vrečar
Content Visualisation: Miha Turšič




Contemporary Art and New Social Paradigms (II)
ed.: Janez Strehovec

Janez Strehovec: Abstract ornamental movements in straight lines and loops (Introduction)

Siegfried Kracauer: The Mass Ornament

Jaimie Baron: Subverted Intentions and the Potential for “Found” Collectivity in Natalie Bookchin’s Mass Ornament

Mojca Puncer: Contemporary Art – A Herald of New Social Paradigms?

Janez Strehovec: The Work of Art in the Age of Turmoil in the Financial Markets

Theories of Performing Arts
Bojan Andjelković: The Technodispositifs of the Conceptual Time Machine Noordung

Tomaž Toporišič: How to Approach Art in a Post … and PostPost … Era

Reviews, Extensions
Petja Grafenauer:  Delights and Insights From Reading an Academically Unclean Debut (Mojca Puncer: Contemporary Art and Aesthetics, 2010)

Pia Brezavšček: The Becoming-Child of the Theatre. The role of children’s amateurism and performative infantility in contemporary theatre and dance


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Editorial Board: dr. Janez Strehovec, dr. Tomaž Toporišič
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