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THE PLAY OF ANTICHRIST: Oratorio According to the Archdiocese Maribor

Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung.” (Voltaire)

The story of the largest debt in Slovenian history, accumulated by the Archdiocese Maribor, chronologically coincides with the beginning of the fall of a welfare state. Ever since, the entire country has been burdened with debts. Do we know how high? Owed to whom? On whose behalf?

When the veil on the sum total is lifted true identities are disclosed – of victims or culprits. The main protagonists of the financial tragedy have decided that the Archdiocese Maribor should embrace the “casino capitalism”. Experts in the ways of the soul and morality turn into guarantors for safe financial investments. If the Church takes money from the secular world, can the secular world appropriate primacy over the human soul?

Devised by: Was ist Maribor Artistic Collective (Sebastijan Horvat, Aljoša Ternovšek, Matjaž Latin, Andreja Kopač)

Music: Nana Forte
Conductor: Marko Letonja

Performed by: Branko Robinšak, Edvard Strah, Robert Vrčon, Peter Ternovšek, Slovenian Chamber Choir

Production: Maska Ljubljana
Co-production: Cankarjev dom, Slovenian Philharmonic, Puppet Theatre Ljubljana, KUD Borza, Narodni dom Maribor

Supported by: Ministri of Culutre of RS and Municipality of Ljubljana
Media sponsors: Europlakat, Mladina, Radio Center

— 24-10-2014 : THE PLAY OF ANTICHRIST: Oratorio According to the Archdiocese Maribor
Cankarjev dom - Gallus Hall
Maska & Cankarjev dom