Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Does production dance alone? 2

In the summer edition of Maska, we continue with the problematization of the state of production conditions in contemporary art. This time, we present texts that consider the practical examples of production conditions in the Slovene and international context and show the relations that define the current state in the field of art and culture. In the main topic you can find among others, Primoz Jesenko's article on the state of Slovenian theater, Petja Grafenauer Krnc's discussion on the problem of contemporary art museum in Ljubljana, Tomaz Zaniuk's contribution on politization of production conditions in Art in the case of the closure of Art Centre Sredisce, dancer Eleanor Bauer's reflection on the state of transnational Brussels dance community, Maria Lind's text on European cultural policies and Alexander Karschnia's article on performance practice as development & research. 

This issue comes with a bilingual Croatian-Slovene leaflet on Rade Pregac, theater director, actor, writter and translator who founded the Maska magazine in 1921 and was its first editor. The leaflet was edited by Marjana Mirkovic, financed by government of Slovenia's office for Slovenes Abroad and published by cultural society Sneznik from Lovran.  


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Petra Kapš Mravlje – organizem – struktura – družba. Intervju z Luizo Margan in Miho Preskerjem / Ants – Organism – Structure – Society. An Interview with Luiza Margan and Miha Presker 

 Primož Jesenko Parenthesis As a Mode Of Existence 
Petja Grafenauer Krnc History of the Unfulfilled Wish of Contemporary Art Museum for Contemporary Art or a Multipurpose Exhibition Venue? 
Petra Kapš Kibla, the island in the Slovene archipelago of art 
Tomaž Zaniuk The Closure of Art Centre Središče = Politization of Production Conditions in Art 
Ivana Ivković Alliances In The Pedestrian Zone 
Jasmina Založnik The Inconveniences of the Cultural Policy 
Maria Lind The Future is Here 
Eleanor Bauer Becoming Room, Becoming Mac: New Artistic Identities in the Transnational Brussels Dance Community 
Alexander Karschnia Post Scriptum to performance practice as development & research 

Alenka Priman Customs and Traditions III. 
Marko Peljhan Landscapes of Knowledge 

Andreja Kopač »If there is no history we have to construct it.« An Interview with Mark Franko 

Suzana Milevska Participants and Victims of Participation: Documenta 12 

Klemen Fele The Vulnerability of the Theatrical Polylogue


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