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To be continued…

The present issue of Maska focuses on complex connections among performative practices, documenting and archiving, and the questions arising from these connections. The contributors are researchers in the field of documenting and archiving performative practices, as well as artists who approach this issue from different angles: the archive and document as performance material; the manipulation of documentary material as part of the creative process; the reconstruction of performances; documentary theatre; problems with documenting and archiving live art; documents as witnesses to past artistic events that then, over time, assume the place of the original... 

The impetus for this issue came from its guest co-editor, and dear colleague, Daniela Hahn, an expert in theatre and contemporary forms of documentating and archiving performance arts, with emphasis on issues of forms, uses and manners of documenting. This issue took two years to complete and all the while Daniela remained open to opinions, suggestions and contributions from Maska’s editorial department. Our creative dialogue has already taught us each a lot, and it will soon continued live as well since we will be organising, in cooperation with the 4th International CoFestival in Ljubljana, an experts meeting on the premises of the Slovenian Theatre Institute on December 1 and 2, 2015, on the occasion of the publication of this issue. 

At this year's CoFestival, the Nomad Dance Institute (NDI) – a research programme of the Balkan Dance Network's Nomad Dance Academy (NDI) – will present its years-spanning research into the archiving of choreographic procedures in the Balkan region. 

A two-day meeting of researchers from NDI and the Maska journal will focus on the presentation of the research results, in the form of a creative workshop led by Daniela Hahn, as NDI launched a project in 2013 dedicated to regional archiving of extended choreographic practices in cultural and artistic contexts of the 70s, 80s and 90s in republics of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) and Bulgaria. Presenting their contributions will be Igor Koruga, Iva Nerina Sibila, Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Katja Šimunić, Rok Vevar and Jasmina Založnik. The workshop will deal with issues and questions researchers faced during their work. We will think critically about the field and question it from many aspects, including: the lack of systemic archiving of contemporary performance and visual arts in the Balkans; research methodologies and their coordination; the need for expert classification of fragmentary archival materials; responsibility on the part of researchers, and their lack of solidarity when it comes to archiving and sharing selected documents; reasons for the current popularity of researching artistic practices from the time of the SFRY and following its disintegration in the so-called Western world, where special study programmes are being established at departments of several foreign universities, while in the region of the former SFRY, non-governmental organisations and individuals are the only ones involved in these activities, relying on their own enthusiasm and personal engagement. The workshop led by Daniela Hahn will offer a commentary on presented works as well as guidelines for further research, which will hopefully be published, depending on at least partly favourable production conditions, in one of the next issues of the journal: Documents & Performance II.


— 01-12-2015 : To be continued... / A two-day meeting of NDI researchers + workshop with Daniela Hahn
Slovenian Theatre Institut, Mestni trg 17, Ljubljana
Maska & NDI/CoFestival