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Janez Janša: Life II [in Progress]

 Wednesday, January 14th, 2015, 8pm 

Stoke Newington, London • booklaunch

The book Life II [in Progress] is based on an ongoing, long-term project that repeats a single-staged sequence year in and year out. It accompanies a group of women through pregnancy and motherhood, creating full-figure images, which bear an intense confrontation with the persons photographed. The images of naked, pregnant women and nursing mothers with their children arouse pleasant feelings, joy, and empathy. At same time, the series of photographs expresses an uncertainty by their repetition and lack of completion, raising fundamental, existential questions as to why and how to live.

“There is a deeply philosophical, and melancholic, dimension to the way in which Janša flirts with the oblivion of time by defining a project that involves the staging of a situation repeatedly into an unknowable future. Far more than a simple art encounter (whatever that may mean), the project in its iterations – as staged, live event as well as life-sized photographs – unfolds over time as an opportunity for engaging not only with other bodies, including the radically strange bodies of pregnant women, but with our own aging and mortality.” (Amelia Jones)

Extensively illustrated book with the exceptional photos by Nada Žgank provides texts of the acclaimed writers written especially for this publication. The theorist of live arts Adrian Heathfield explores Janša’s procedures of re-enactment and reconstruction, the director and writer Tim Etchells addresses the act of transition, the philosopher Mladen Dolar reflects the glorification of childhood through Kafka and Oedipus, the art historian Amelia Jones gives a detailed comparison of the performance Imponderabilia by Marina Abramović and Ulay and Life II [in Progress] whilst the performing arts theorist Aldo Milohnić investigates art that creates with the law.

The book including documentary material, illustration and instructions for small actions is multidimensional: it is a theory reading, a catalogue and, last but not least, an interactive art object designed by excellent Slovenian designer Ajdin Bašić.

Published by Maska Ljubljana, the International Centre of Graphic Arts Ljubljana and Live Art Development Agency, London.

English only, 192 pages, 17x24cm, 70 bw and color illustrations
Price: 25 €


Adrian Heathfield
Life Re-encased

Tim Etchells
Passed Through

Mladen Dolar
There Are More Important Things Than Childhood

Amelia Jones
Life [in Progress] and the Master-Slave: Moving Beyond the Dialectic

Aldo Milohnić
On Art that Creates with the Law

About the writers

About the photos

Selected bibliography on Janez Janša's works

Works by Janez Janša


Janez Janša
[in Progress]

with photos by Nada Žgank

Texts: Mladen Dolar, Tim Etchells, Adrian Heathfield, Amelia Jones, Aldo Milohnić

Published by:
Maska, Institute for Publishing, Production and Education, Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

International Centre of Graphic Arts, Pod turnom 3, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Live Art Development Agency, The White Building, Unit 7, Queen’s Yard, White Post Lane, London, E9 5EN, UK

Edited by: Janez Janša
Design: Ajdin Bašić
Proofreading: Eric Dean Scott
Printed by Formatisk
Circulation: 400 copies.
Copyright by Maska and the authors.

Ljubljana, London, 2014.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition

Janez Janša
[in Progress],
International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
25th February - 4th May 2014

Curator: Nevenka Šivavec
Photographs: Nada Žgank
Photographs of the performances Life [in Progress]: Marcandrea, Janez Janša
Instructions - texts: Caroline Decker, Dražen Dragojević, Jedrt Jež Furlan, Žiga Kariž, Janez Janša, Teja Reba, Miran Šušteršič
Instructions - design: Dora Budor, Maja Čale; Produced by: Maska and MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts
Project leaders: Tina Dobnik, Yasmín Martín Vodopivec
Public relations: Urška Comino, Petra Klučar
Design: Ivian Kan Mujezinović
Technical implementation: Blaž Janko, MGLC
Printmaking master: Slavko Pavlin

Thanks to: Žiga Kariž, Andrej Savski, Janez Janša, Moderna galerija, Galerija ŠKUC, Tina Dobnik, Zavod Bunker

Special thanks to: Maja, Simona, Veno, Vitomil, Jona, Urška, Jelena, Mina, Leja, Maks, Mila, Pia, Mirna, Marjeta, Tina, Malin, Teja, Ava Nuria, Bela Su, Dragana, Dejan, Doroteja, Dimitra, Ana, Katarina, Kaja, Olja.

The exhibition, collateral events and publication has been supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana and the European Union as part of the EACEA (TIMEeSCAPES programme; Working with – In Time).

Sponsors: Babadu, Vanila Park

The Live Art Development Agency is supported by Arts Council England. 

— 14-01-2015 : Janez Janša: Life II [in Progress]
Stoke Newington, London (UK) / BOOKLAUNCH