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Bojana Cvejić: The genealogy of the method "social choreography"

One day workshop prior to the public lecture

kult3000, Metelkova 2/b, Ljubljana
Monday 3rd March at 3 pm


The workship is a longer session consisting of lecture, presentation of video materials and debate centered on the method of "social choreography", which I developed as a model for analyzing the normal functioning of ideology within the transdisciplinary research titled Performance and the Public, which I conducted 2011–2012 in Paris (Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers), Belgrade, Berlin (Tanzfabrik), and Amsterdam (hetveem theater) in collaboration with Ana Vujanović and Marta Popivoda, fellow members of the Belgrade-based editorial collective TkH [Walking Theory]. The research led to the publication of the book Public Sphere by Performance (b_books, Berlin, 2012), co-written by Ana Vujanović and myself. The book discusses the public and its discontents through mass, collective, and self-performances as cases of social drama and social choreography.

Various practices of dance, performance and everyday movement since the nineteenth century have served as a blueprint for rehearsing social order aesthetically prior to its political establishment. I will present the arguments and characteristics of the method on several cases from the histories of liberal capitalism in Western Europe and socialist Yugoslavia.  (Bojana Cvejić)

The workshop will be in English language.


About the lecturer

Bojana Cvejić (born in Belgrade) is a performance theorist and performance maker based in Brussels. She studied musicology and holds a PhD in philosophy. Cvejić is co-author and collaborator in many dance, opera and theater performances since 1996. Her latest books are Public Sphere by Performance, co-written with A. Vujanović (b_books, Berlin, 2012), and En Atendant & Cesena: A Choreographer’s Score, co-written with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Mercator, Brussels, 2013). She teaches at various dance and performance programs in Europe and is a co-founding member of TkH editorial collective (http://www.tkh-generator.net).

— 03-03-2014 : Bojana Cvejić: The genealogy of the method "social choreography"
kult300, Metelkova 2/b, Ljubljana
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