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What Next?

Round table 

upon the issue of Maska journal Vol. XXVIII, No. 157–158: Post-Atelrnative in Slovenia 1939-2013

Upon the publication of Maska's autumn issue, we have prepared a round table in order to analyse the current conditions of Slovenian independent art production. If legal amendments in 1993 promoted the growth of the non-governmental sector in culture and thereby decisively contributed to the affirmation and development of experimental, dance and visual performing practices, today's conditions, in which non-governmental organisations work, seem to have been exhausted. All the calls for applications for productions funds – which are absolutely necessary for survival – with their normative requirements for visibility and wide accessibility to art events, for the promotion of networking and making connections ever more “direct” the production conditions and consequently the programme contents of non-governmental organisations. They dictate the time available for artists to produce artworks or events as well as the forms and modes of production.

Despite financial cuts in the public sector budgets triggered by the economic and financial crisis throughout Europe, the demands on producers and artists have not been reduced. On the contrary, the neoliberal maxim “faster, better, stronger…” seems to apply to our sector more than ever before. In the race for public funds that are ever more difficult to get, non-governmental sector workers create more and more: they constantly work, travel, tour … with less funds and in an increasingly more intense tempo.

Being trapped in the machinery of the funders' demands drains the artists and forces them into precarity.

The discussion will address the issue of how to overcome the vicious circle of the “Yes We Can” ideology that permeates all pores of our support and production mechanisms and start dealing with the problems at the systemic level.

Amelia Kraigher

With the participation of: Lidija Radojević, Simon Kardum, Rok Vevar

Moderated by : Amelia Kraigher

— 15-10-2013 : What Nextj?
Španski borci, Zaloška 61, Ljubljana
Maska (Three Orders of Time)