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Hybrid spaces of art

The book provides a research on hybrid spaces of art that have emerged in the Slovene performing arts over the last two decades. Hybrid spaces of art are addressed as an open territory of possibilities where heterogeneous art practices consciously search the positions of betweenness on the elusive marginal areas whilst simultaneously entering in unpredictable relations with the existing aesthetic codes, social, cultural an political circumstances and economic interests. The dramaturgical thread that links the discussions on the selected cases of hybridity leads from the traditional art venues (such as theatres, galleries, museums, etc.) via alternative and marginal sites to the broader social space. In doing so it draws the line from the critical performing practices that reflect the current social and political issues to artworks originating directly from social conditions and developing new models of the public sphere. The papers contributed by Blaž Lukan, Aldo Milohnić, Barbara Orel, Katarina Podbevšek, Mojca Puncer, Maja Šorli, Karmen Šterk, Tomaž Toporišič, Gašper Troha, Eva Vrtačič and Nadja Zgonik record the characteristics of contemporary art whilst simultaneously marking the shift from the aesthetic to the post-aesthetic.

Edited by: Barbara Orel, Maja Šorli in Gašper Troha
Issued by: Univerza v Ljubljani, Akademija za gledališče, radio, film in televizijo
Published by: Maska Ljubljana
Slovenian edition
Price: 19 €  

— 21-06-2013 : Hybrid Spaces of Art
Museume square Metelkova, Ljubljana
7th triennale of contemporary art in Slovenia - U3 & Maska