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Maurizio Lazzarato: The Making of the Indebted Man - lecture and round table

Monday, October 29th, 8 pm, Glej Theatre, Gregorčičeva 3, Ljubljana

Lecture upon the publication of the book The Making of the Indebted Man in Slovene language, Maska Publications.

Debt, public and private alike, has become a major concern of economic and political leaders. In The Making of the Indebted Man, Maurizio Lazzarato shows that, far from being a threat to the capitalist economy, debt lies at the very core of the neoliberal project. Debt cannot be reduced to a simple economic mechanism, for it is also a technique of "public safety" through which individual and collective subjectivities are governed and controlled. Its aim is to minimize the uncertainty of the time and behaviour of the governed. We are forever sinking further into debt to the State, to private insurance, and, on a more general level, to corporations. To insure that we honour our debts, we are at once encouraged and compelled to become the "entrepreneurs" of our lives, of our "human capital." In this way, our entire material, psychological, and affective horizon is upended and reconfigured. How do we extricate ourselves from this impossible situation? How do we escape the neoliberal condition of the indebted man? Lazzarato argues that we will have to recognize that there is no simple technical, economic, or financial solution. We must instead radically challenge the fundamental social relation structuring capitalism: the system of debt.

Tuesday, October 30th, 8 pm, Glej Theatre, Gregorčičeva 3, Ljubljana

Round table in collaboration with the student magazine Tribuna

The round table with the author will try to put this new work in relation to the already existing texts and thoughts about debt – a social relation with a long and current history. Together with the audience and the invited guests, we will reflect upon a new form of subjectivity – the indebted man and their political potential. You are most welcome to the first critical reading of The Making of the Indebted Man.

About the lecturer

Maurizio Lazzarato (born 1955) is an Italian sociologist, philosopher and activist who in late 1970s after his studies at Padua University, moved to Paris due to his activity in the movement "Autonomia Operaia" where he still lives and works as an independent researcher. He is a founding member and the editorial board member of the influential Paris magazine Multitudes, the researcher at Matisse/CNRS (Université Paris I) and a member of Collège International de Philosophie. His field of interest are the issues of immaterial labour, labour force, ontology of work, precarity, cognitive capitalism, biopolitics, social movements, activism and art. His principal works include the following: Lavoro immateriale. Forme di vita e produzione di soggettività, Les Révolutions du capitalisme, Le Gouvernement des inégalités. Critique de l’insécurité néolibérale and Expérimentations politiques.

"This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

— 29-10-2012 : Lecture of Maurizio Lazzarato
Glej Theatre, Gregorčičeva 3, Ljubljana

— 30-10-2012 : Round table with Maurizio Lazzarato
Glej Theatre, Gregorčičeva 3, Ljubljana
Maska & Tribuna