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Danae Theodoridou: Waking at 5am: Contemporary projections on past images

Public Lecture

Within the Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts organised by Maska and Cankarjev Dom and within the EACEA (TIMeSCAPES programme).

Cankarjev dom - Hall M3/M4, Ljubljana
22nd October 2012, 7pm

In his essay On the Contemporary Agamben demands that ‘we manage to be in some way contemporaries’ not only of things that are close to our own time but also of those that are years removed from us. Elsewhere, he discusses potentiality as a notion closely connected with a change in the concept of past, according to which the past is not understood as an irrevocable concept anymore, but as a concept that returns through our acts of remembrance to the possible and the potential. Drawing on similar ideas this lecture will focus on theoretical and artistic practices that wish to move towards the opposite direction of the maybe more common ‘projected temporality’ of contemporary performance, as this has been described by Bojana Kunst. Instead of heading continuously ‘forward’ thus, to what is to come, to an innovative, radical and always to-be-anticipated future, this talk will attempt a move backwards, towards the past, aiming to become ‘contemporary’ not in the abovementioned sense but in the sense of it returning to the present and being ‘together with’, as derives from the corresponding term of ‘contemporary’ in Greek, ‘synchronous’. Within these terms, I will use Derrida’s understanding of the operation of the ‘foreigner’ to be contemporary, ‘together with’ images, memories and stories of Ljubljana in order to discuss other options available in performance to work with time. 

About the artist:

Danae Theodoridou is London-based performance artist and researcher. She has just completed her PhD on the dramaturgical structures of experimental theatre and dance works, at Roehampton University. At the same time she has been creating and presenting solo and collaborative performance works, research projects and writings in UK, Greece and elsewhere and she has been teaching in various University Departments in London both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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— 22-10-2012 : Waking at 5am: Contemporary projections on past images
Cankarjev dom - M3/M4 Hall, Ljubljana
Maska Ljubljana & Cankarjev dom