Maska, časopis za scenske umetnosti

Immaterial Extensions of The Material


MASKA, Vol. XXVII, No. 145–146 (spring 2012)

The first issue of Maska in 2012 is partly a heritage of the last year's Editorial Board presided by Maja Murnik but under the new Board it already indicates the subjects addressed to consolidate the journal as the central platform for integration of reflections and research in the field of contemporary performing arts in Slovenia.

The new double issue brings two new columns: Love and Sovereignty focused on the current topics of cultural policy, their reflection and ambitious answers and solution whilst Maska's Hexagram will feature discussions on the selected topic; this time we addressed the work of expert commissions at the former Ministry of Culture and municipalities. Two shorter theory sections – The Body, The Gaze, The Touch and Immaterial Extensions of the Material – provide theoretical contributions and interpretations of selected theatrical phenomena and/or phenomena of theatricality. The journal ends with the analysis of the performance Cheap Lecture by Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion held in Ljubljana in March.


Love and Sovereignity

Simon Kardum: Relaxed, Again!

Maska's Hexagram

Jedrt Jež Furlan: » “The More Democratic a Society, The More Opportunities There are For Artists!”

The Body, the Gaze, the Touch

Maja Murnik: Fragmenting the Integrity of Body Trough Performative Art Practices

Alenka Spacal: Valie Export’s Emancipation Potential in Her Performance in Which She Allows Her Breasts to be Touched

Immaterial Extensions of the Material

Mladen Dolar: The Voice of Valie Export

Ixiar Rozas: Voic(e)Scapes – Two Faces of the Same

Martina Ruhsam: Voices, Fog, Dust and Dots Traversing a Post-Human Future

Jonathan Burrows

Katja Čičigoj: A Performative Manifesto: Contrapuntal Meaning-Making

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— 19-04-2012 : Issue of journal MASKA, Vol. XXVII, No. 145–146 (spring 2012)
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