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Janez Janša: Life II [in Progress]

The main focus of the show is the extensive photographic project spanning over a five-year period, which follows a group of women (artists) through their pregnancies into motherhood. It is a series of staged monumental photographs, produced following the instructions of the infamous performance Imponderabilia by Marina Abramović and Ulay in 1977, in which visitors to the gallery had to squeeze between the two artists’ naked bodies. In Janša’s treatment, Imponderabilia is handled as a quotation...

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Stopover 1:1

1:1 is a scale in which these artworks present time, space and individual types of social organisation. One of the principal issues of the 1:1 project is how to capture the relation between an event that presents a work and the work’s duration. Does 1:1 merely present the works that are directly involved in life and are in this sense characterised by a 1:1 scale?

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Zone B

The audio-visual situation called ZONE B documents portraits of individuals-people who reside in a common space that some own but others don’t, depending on which side of the geopolitical divide they’re on: there are natives and there are foreigners. What stands between them is the dynamics of confrontation, the power and helplessness of dialog, the decision to accept or refuse.

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Zone C

The project ZONE C explores migration processes through various aspects. It follows an individual who has left his/her domestic ground, friends, culture - the homeland territory - behind. The project focuses on the phenomenon of the border as a geo-political crossing line, which acts as a membrane, as a two-directional filter. It appears as a border defining the power of one territory against the other, affecting the immigrant's position according to order and laws imposed by the state on...