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Sweat & soot

The title of the performance and the name of the group of four dancers Goran Bogdanovski, Damjan Mohorko, Dejan Srhoj and Goran Tatar can be easily grasped if one adds this: in the small space of Duša Počkaj hall, black as soot and small as "fičo" (a once popular Yugoslav car made after the Italian Fiat 750), dancers sweat in mid-June. Yet soot is also a black empty space where the wind blows, blends and airs the movement material 1:0.

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Forma interrogativa

Forma Interrogativa. A dance floor as creative field of mutual interrogation for some basic questions to be raised again and again. – How to contain a certain sense, even though it is not necessary for one to pick out a precise content while watching. – Is it possible to become counscious of your weaknesses, your diabilities and use them creatively as advatages? – Quoting consciously and unconsciously. Self-quoting? – What does it mean to be confronted with another in a dialogue? What does it...

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