How Big are the Small Thefts? (or: the way of SA)

We live in a time of restoration, a time that has declared the revolutions no longer possible and, on top of that, disgusting. The superiority of the rich is as natural as it is splendid.

“We raised your minimum wage and social relief, what else do you want?”

“We live in times when some people break the law because they have no alternative, out of poverty, desperation or self-destructing frustration, meanwhile others break it form diametrically opposite social and political position, having totally different or even opposite motives.”


The New Post Office
24. 5. 2018

Credits: Alja Kapun, Katarina Stegnar, Iztok Drabik Jug, Grega Zorc, Vito Weis, Sebastijan Horvat 

Coproduction: Slovenian Mladinsko Theatre and Maska
Supported by: Ministry of Culutre of RS and City of Ljubljana