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Baptism Under Triglav - rekonstruction

Animated reconstruction 

The transfer of the theatre performance Baptism Under Triglav into the computer medium is already a work of art, as it requires a transposition of the logic of theatre into the logic of a computer generated moving picture. The reconstruction is constructed as digital theatre and thus develops one of the ideas of the theatre of Dragan Živadinov. The recollections and documents about this unique performance in the Slovene theatrical past are fragmented and partial. The nature of the event was so to say, a ritual, while the scenography, which brought about a visual masterpiece, was exceptionally complex. This prompted our decision to reconstruct the performance in the digital medium, which in its essence, differs from the theatre version. The reconstruction is thus shorter than the original performance, at the same time opening the dimensions provided by the medium and taking into account the presumed intentions of the authors. Video collage of different tehniques, original audiovisual material but also new imagery and sounds will show the spirit of the original. 

The premiere presentation of the computer video will be accompanied by an installation/performance, which content-wise relates more to the documentary side of both the reconstruction and the performance. The event includes the presentation of new and archive videomaterial, reflecting the political and social context of the original performance and at the same time bringing up issues of criticism, theatre myths, the role of authorship and historic moments. 

Cankarjev dom, Linhart Hall, September 21, 2006, at 9:00pm 


Authors of the project: Jure Novak, Meta Grgurevič and Andrej Lehrman
Animation: Meta Grgurevič, Andrej Lehrman
Sound design: Sašo Kalan
Postproduction: Jasmin Talundžič
Music: Laibach
Curator: Janez Janša
Consulting: Nejc Saje
Executive producer: Barbara Hribar
Special thanks to Miran Mohar and Miha Vipotnik

Technical rider: