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Zone C

The project ZONE C explores migration processes through various aspects. It follows an individual who has left his/her domestic ground, friends, culture - the homeland territory - behind. The project focuses on the phenomenon of the border as a geo-political crossing line, which acts as a membrane, as a two-directional filter. It appears as a border defining the power of one territory against the other, affecting the immigrant's position according to order and laws imposed by the state on either side. It is a game with different rules for different people.

National Border or the Bridge of Friendship

This project documents the story of an individual who stepped outside of his assigned place of residence – the territorial area. In his new environment, he is taking on the position of a foreigner, a migrant or a cosmopolitan. In addition, the projects explore the often fanatical relationship towards marking the borders of one's own territory. All photographs of borders and border-crossings used in the video have been taken in the areas where any photographing or filming is strictly forbidden.





Project by Irene Pivka in Braneta Zormana
Sound record: A. Marinović, A. Selmanagić, Rusov family
Triple DVD video projection, DTS surround, 10 min loop  
Three individuals stories
Text: Dušan Jovanovič
Curated by: Breda Kolar Sluga in Brigita Strnad 
Production: Maska with UGM Maribor 

November 2003

— 23-04-2004 : ZONE C
Nova Gorica
Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman

— 21-06-2004 : ZONE C
In the frame of exhibition Borders, gallery A+A, Venice, Italy
Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman