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Cona C- Entrance South

Zone C South Entrance project together with TERRITORY STEALING video is the upgraded version of Zone C and focuses on the geopolitical situation establishing with the expansion of European Union. Alongside euphoric tearing down of the north-western borders of the new member states, there is a new Schengen border forming in the more south-eastern part of Europe. TERRITORY STEALING video was first presented in Mostovna gallery, just a few metres away from the territory where, with the opening of a joint town square, the border between old and new town of Gorica was 'abolished' on May 1.


The project Zone C - Entrance South consists of:
— The video TERRITORY STEALING (first shown in MOSTOVNA Gallery in Maribor, Slovenia).
— Zone C: triple DVD video projection, 
— Music in DTS surround
— sound recordings of three individual stories (first shown in UGM) 

May 2004 





Production: Maska in collaboration with Mestna galerija Nova Gorica and Kulturn center Mostovna galerija 

Project was made possible by: Ministrstvo za Kulturo RS, Mesta občina Ljubljana, Mestna občina Nova Gorica 

April 2004