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'' as a rain drop into the mouth of silence''


silence of unspoken muted of me without me

not voice not no-voice doesn’t wake from the drama of the silent one

no less alone he is with the echo  no less loud   no less silent

only silence gets the shape

dramas without a voice   _ ama_ without echoes  __as  without shapes

shapeless crushing of the voice

splinters stay, they don’t even bother to scratch

you don’t smooth the scratch with scratching

you only scoop it there    down   deep   somewhere   where the surface is multiplying

you’re emptying yourself

you don’t blur what stays blurred                  -                            the stain of voice

the glade of silence is sharpening over the edges pokes stings

the echoes of unheard non granted

you find screaming there, where it would be silenced


If you remain quiet, others speak for you and words always stay foreign to your world, to which you didn’t reveal the game of letters. Your world does not exist, because you didn’t break the silence. But it can not be like this, that your language would betray you. With questions you feed it. The word will be like a drop of sea into your mouth of silence. The rain will pour, lifting the surface of everything that you muted, it will flood the edges of your body and you are going to swim through. Speaking…

 If you talk, you speak for others and your words spread your familiar world, which is revealing through the game of letters. The world is yours as much as you put it in words. But the game goes, so that your own language will betray you. You feed it with words and it shuts you off with answers. Silence will be like an oasis of the desert in the flood of your words. It will dry your palaver, it will sink into the smallest pores of your body and you will dive into it. Silent…


 Anja Golob:

A drop and silence or a short outline of the starting point

The grounds for the research of material for the performance is the concept of communication. Originating from its basic model, two protagonists are performing, but their history, characteristics and relationship towards each other are, at first glance, not precisely determined and are changing from scene to scene. In this way, between them, the atmospheres are weaving in the theatrical space, which enables a palette of interpretations, but is at the same time defined by intimacy. Some of them develop in time, others sink or die out even before they are being reinstated.


Violence is becoming apparent as an important theme establishing through the scenes- in relation to the protagonists through, for example; potential passivity of coexistence, a question of active overpowering, intention, fight, a problem of wish and possessing, a question of submission directed to the individual, as well as through the question of mental violence against oneself and through verbal terror. Persistence / duration became a key method concerning these concepts.

The dramaturgical idea arises directly from this. The dynamics of tension are placed inside of individual units, whose ends are overlapping with the beginnings of the next scene, in some set order; this should assist with the dynamic flow of atmospheres and allow the entirety to establish its own inner logic, on the level of meaning and structure.


Voice obsesses the work of Irena Tomažin. And it is not any different this time. Possibly, it isn’t only about the voice, but also about the (in)breath respectively, for what- and how- you can speak with it. The latitude of spoken, sang, murmured sound, noises and voices is the foundational language of the performance- closely intertwined they pour into the “drop” from the title, which represents the anti- pole in its mentioned silence. From the link of both, the performance evolves.



Author and concept: Irena Tomažin
Creators and performers: Primož Bezjak, Irena Tomažin
Dramaturgy: Anja Golob
Sound composition: Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec
Voice design: Irena Tomažin, Primož Bezjak, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec
Light design: Jaka Šimec
Stage design: Ema Kugler
Costume design: Barbara Stupica
Photography: Nejc Saje
Graphic design: Minea Sončan Mihajlovič

Production:Maska Ljubljana
Executive producer:Tina Dobnik
Co-production: Cankarjev dom, Pleasni Teater Ljubljana

For help and collaboration we thank: the team of Cankarjev dom, especially Alja Predan, collective of Maska, SNG Drama Ljubljana, Katja Legin, Pavel Zupan, Igor Remeta, Pionirski dom Ljubljana, Collegium Graphicum printing house, Zavod En- Knap, and all that in any way contributed to the creation of this performance.
Technical rider: