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At 43rd Borštnik Meeting in the year 2008 the jury decided to confer the awrd for innovation and easthetic breakthrough to Janez Janša, for the performance Slovene National Theatre, produced by Maska Ljubljana, which was presented to the festival audience on 19 October 2008 at the SNG Maribor Grand Hall.

The jury explained its decision with the following statement:
"Slovene National Theatre, which in a scenically original manner and consistently documentary discipline reconstructs a traumatic episode from Slovene contemporaneity – the persecution of a Roma family, offers more than just theatre innovation and aesthetic breakthrough, it also reveals suppressed contents and resists oblivion, whereby Janez Janša, as its author and co-performer, enters the field of the ideological and political with a courage that is not particularly frequent.

The devices he uses for this are extremely economical and reject, in advance, all judgement, while the performers give up all emotional comments on the reproduced lines. The performance can therefore produce much stronger effects and, despite the impression of only an auditory event, it functions as an overall scenic creation that cuts into the social and political reality not only of Slovene but every repressive and discriminatory environment. "

On this occasion, we congratulate also all other awardees and thank the entire Borštnik Meeting team, festival selector Barbara Orel and the expert jury for the award.