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Choreographic cartography of the body-city

Yasmine Hugonnet

Choreographic Cartography of the Body-City

Festival Franco Slovene


Proposition: 1 week research – workshop - performances open to students, professionals and/or amateur. 

where? Ljubljana public space, ROG factory and for the presentation in the City Museum Conference room 

Schedule: from May 27th to 31st - Tuesday to Saturday 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.  Saturday 5pm Presentation at the City Museum.

Conditions: participation the all week - free of charges

Contact: Jedrt Jež Furlan: 031 658 281, [email protected]

Lets’ be clear that Choreography is everything (it start when we stand, walk run…and include the use of our voice, the architecture…/ pauses, ways of walking, where to look, rhythm, actions…)There are no rehearsals; it’s a process and performance at the same time. The audience will be welcome to assist or even join us at anytime of our process. 


 a week of experimentation and performances in Ljubljana City in may 2008 with openness to share ideas and to construct the project with participants of the workshop


1/ Bringing each other into choreographic moves through the city. 

2/ Documenting these happenings by text and visual documentation (video / photos)

3/ Commenting-reflecting on them by speech, text or performance 


Each of us can propose to direct a move (itinerary or performative’s occupation of a specific location) that can last from a few minutes to several hours. This process invites to reflect on the ways to give indications (transmission). One can lead directly by doing, or by giving  partitions or …? That has to be invented! This process invite to design, to invent a physical behavior in the city, dealing with the freedom, limitation, strangeness, when something become spectacle… This process invites to rediscover you body and the city through somebody else perception and of course you might end up acting quite strangely!

Of course each of us can escape but the basic collective agreement is to support each person that propose an exploration, by following her/him to our best. If we disagree, dislike, don’t want to be part that is extremely interesting so we need to use it, by reacting, writing and commenting.


-    Meeting point at ROG

-    The day begins with a preparation of the body and the mind by exchanging practices, physical exercises and readings (English would be the best!)

-    Then we move through the city following one or several “director” one after another. During each “Moves” we need performers but also at least 2 persons for documentation, one trough visual documentation the other through writing. I propose we constantly exchange these roles, so during each “MOVES” we will choose to be performer or observer. When we need, We return to the gallery, we observe, watch, discuss the happening and perform our comments. the actions, reflections of the day will serve for next day.

-    On Saturday at 5pm, we do a presentation (video and text) of our work at the conference room of the City Museum.