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Program! 1: Soiree

Tanz im August, Berlin

August 30 2006 

Janez Janša and Gül

Program! 1: Soiree, first in a series of open performances, singular actions, experimental situations and research workshops, was realized in August 2006 at the festival Tanz im August in Berlin as an event performed by Janez Janša and a clairvoyant from Berlin Gül. In the context of recurrent debates among the experts in the area of art (artists, theoreticians, critics, producers,…) about the future of art, Janez Janša invited an expert for the future to participate in the project – clairvoyant Gül, who became famous when she accurately predicted the winner of the Football World Championship in Germany in 2006. Based on past financial reports of the festival Tanz im August, Janša and Gül foretold its future.