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Program! 2: In Between

Tanzquartier, Vienna

Saturday March 24 2007

The focus of the project PROGRAM! 2: IN BETWEEN, which is an international collaboration of eight dancers and performers from Austria, Germany and France, is the positioning of contemporary dance and performance art into non-art contexts. The point of departure for the project is the question how to explain contemporary art to your mother. In what way does someone who is not familiar with contemporary art but is close to a person involved in contemporary art, communicate with a contemporary performance?

Most of the project’s participants make a living with non-artistic professions (a hostess, a door-to-door salesman, a cleaning woman, a teacher, a commercial model, a saleswoman, a journalist…). They enter with partners from their second work environment into situations in which they form a language, through which contemporary dance communicates with unlearned audience. Through a realistic situation, they re-examine the position of the artist as a model of the subject in the neoliberal society. 

Through different procedures (demonstration, overidentification, intervention and conceptually emotional situation), which Janša developed in his previous projects, emerged an unusual performing format, in which the spectators and the performers exchange knowledge and seek common starting points as well as a language of communication on terms of equality.