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Program! 3: Over and Over

Sommer.bar / Tanz im August, Berlin

Podewils´schen Palais / Klosterstr. 68 / 10179 Berlin-Mitte

Program! 3: Over and Over
with Janez Janša and Olga Pona, Xavier Le Roy, Meg Stuart, Gisèle Vienne, Alice Chauchat and Felix Ruckert

Monday, august 27, 2007:

Janez Janša in Meg Stuart

Wednesday, august 29, 2007: 

Janez Janša, Xavier Le Roy and Giselle Vienne

Saturday, september 1, 2007:

Janez Janša, Felix Ruckert, Olga Pona and Alice Chauchat


PROGRAM! 3: OVER AND OVER deals with the moment in performer’s work in which he recognizes, that he went over his/her limits. How do you work with limits? how do you define it?, what happens after crossing it – do you set new limits?, do you step back?... What are the limits you put: limits in body, timespace, politics, audience relationship, expectations? These questions are going to be asked to choreographers Meg Stuart, Xavier Le Royu, Olga Pona, Feliu Ruckert and Giselle Vienne in a form of dialogue demonstrations. 

In a wider context, the project deals with the questions of borders under conditions of neoliberal economy, in which there are no confines to the expressions of artistic freedom. The slogan of neoliberal economy is "you can do whatever you want!” How do artists and individuals in general act in these circumstances? Do they encounter new borders? Do they resist the mere idea of borders and their crossings?