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Program! 4: Pelican

Festival Veronika Blumstein – Moving Heads, Hamburg  

October 19 2007 at 9:00pm
K3 Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg

Janez Janša and Helena Golab realized Program! 4: Pelican as a reconstruction of the famous dance performance Pelican by the neoavantgarde artist Robert Rauschenberg. The reconstruction took place in the frame of the festival dedicated to the Polish dancer and choreographer Veronika Blumstein, who emigrated to the West in the sixties and was later active in the New York dance avantgarde scene. In the year 1966, Robert Rauschenberg invited Blumstein to create a choreography for the adaptation of the performance Pelican in the Judson Church. Due to an injury, Blumstein was replaced by the dancer Carolyn Brown in the last moment.

Program! 4: Pelican reconstructs Blumstein's involvement into the performance Pelican as perceived by Veronika's sister Valentina, who at the time visited New York. Moreover, it demonstrates the differences in meaning construction between Pelican danced by Veronika Blumstein, the dancer from the East, and the famous realization by the Cunningham's dancer Carolyn Brown. The performance was realized as part of a series of four performances Four Pelicans for Rauschenberg. Beside Janša and Golab, the performances will also be realized by the students of the postgraduate programme Performance studies of the University of Hamburg, by the choreographic couple deufert+plischke with the choreographer Karen Schaffman, and Peter Pleyer.