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Program! 7: Rehearsing Freedom

Tanzquartier Wien Studios, Vienna, Austria

Wednesday January 16 at 6.30 p.m. 


Seventh part of Janša’s ongoing Program! platform is an open lab situation dealing with the principle of “freedom” in dance and the performing arts. The project is a continuation of last year project Program! 2: In Between, also done at Tanzquartier Wien.

The idea of dance, dance art, contemporary dance contains in itself concept of freedom. This is, of course, due to the fact that it appears in modernist time. Body was container of big ideological concepts: “emancipation”, “truth”, “freedom” etc. Now, how do we operate with this concepts heavily based on western idea of progressive and emancipatory history in conditions in which individual freedom is constitutionally guaranteed and protected? Or, to put it in very basic performative terms: if we perform freedom, when we dance - freedom of body, freedom of subject - how do we rehearse this freedom? As artist we have access to media and public space much easier that most of the population. How do we deal with this? These and many other questions related to the notion of freedom will be addressed in performative situation. How do we understand, condition, rehearse, stage and communicate freedom? Participants are invited to answer these questions with performative proposals. The work will be focused on performative conceptualization, understanding performance practice as practice of theory.



Program! 7: Rehearsing Freedom 
(research/ open lab)

Direction: Janez Janša (SLO)
Based on a project idea by João Fiadeiro (P) 

Paticipants and co-authors: Gina Battistich (A), Gabri M. Einsiedl (A), Sebastijan Gec (SLO/A), Judita Kovarikova (CZ/A), Elisabeth Lengheimer (A), Jan Machacek (A), Doris Stelzer (A), Brigitte Wilfing (A)